Lagos Airport School Principal Asks FG To Invest In Education, Sports

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Mrs. Stella Otoide

Governments at all levels have been called upon to invest more resources in the development of education and sporting activities in schools all over the country.

Mrs. Stella Otoide, the Principal of Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA) School, gave this advised recently during the 13th edition of the school’s inter-house sports competitive.

Otoide explained that adequate funding of education by the government would lead to increased performance of students not only in their academic pursuits, but also in psycho motive, stressing that schools required adequate funding to procure sporting equipment.

She lamented that inadequate funding of schools by government over the years prevented sportsmen and women from the country to efficiently compete with their counterparts outside the country.

She said: “My advice to the Nigerian Government is that they should try and fund education effectively and encourage children. They should encourage them to display their skills. When education is funded and the curriculum is managed by professionals, then education would develop in the country. In the curriculum, there is an aspect that is called co-curricular activities and sports is part of that.

“So, if it is funded and we have facilities in schools, this thing can actually evolve on its own. We have children developed in sporting activities in this country, but can’t meet up with their counterparts outside the country because the facilities in most times are not there in schools.”

She also called for the revival of inter-school competitions by the government, maintaining that this would further improve the knowledge about students.

She noted that through sports, some of the students of the school are excelling outside the country and specifically mentioned one Emmanuel Ibanga who she said had taken his sports and education to other West African countries. 

“I would say this has done a lot in the lives of our children, presently, we have a child, Emmanuel Ibanga who was not academically up there, but he was the best in all the sports he participated in, in this school. The sport has specifically brought him out and he’s today in a West African country and he’s been performing fantastically well.

“He was the best sports person in sports the last time. He’s today in a university in Togo and he’s also doing his sporting activities,” she said.




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