6 incredible health benefits of eating white beans

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Are white beans good for your health? Do they possess any surprising benefits that can make you healthier and stronger? Let us talk about these legumes that can be used in soups, pies, and other meals. Explore the main health benefits of white beans!

Health benefits of white beans

White beans

Before we talk about health benefits of these legumes, we should note that there are several types of white beans. Major types have their own additional names, others are just called the common name.

Here are the 4 main types of beans:

  • Tiny navy beans (also called pea beans) – great for mashed meals.
  • Cannellini beans (also known as white kidney beans) – these legumes are the biggest in the group shaped like small kidneys, taste awesome in salads.
  • Great northern beans – their taste often reminds of nuts.
  • Butterbeans (some people name them Baby Lima beans) – they are good with rice and meat.

The main difference between all these beans is their size and taste. However, you get similar health benefits when you choose to add these legumes to your daily menu.

Cook with white beans

Health benefits of beans

Many vegetables and legumes are a good source of dietary fiber, and white beans are not an exception. Besides, the beans have a big amount of useful antioxidants, are rich in protein and other helpful elements such as minerals. You can get all the following advantages if you start eating white beans regularly.

1. Fat is turned into energy

People who are trying to lose weight can add white beans to their diet program. These legumes have a small glycemic index. This is good for your body because it will not store beans as unpleasant body fat like high glycemic-index foods do. Instead, it is safe to eat beans without gaining extra kilograms.

This product does not influence the sugar levels in your blood. It can make special inhibitors (called alpha-amylase) that help to turn starch from food into sugar and not being stored as an extra layer of fat.

2. Natural detoxification

Molybdenum contained in white beans can be a great addition to your diet because this is a source of useful enzymes. They work as natural detoxification elements. For example, a serving of beans can help you neutralizing the toxic byproducts stored in your body after eating yeast products and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Some dangerous sulfates stored by the body and evacuated by urine can be turned into safer elements thanks to the useful natural elements contained in white beans. Thus, you can eat more legumes (including beans) to prevent migraines, clusters, and asthma attacks.

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Basic white beans

3. Healthier skin

Protecting skin cells from free radicals, white beans also improve your skin. You can get fewer wrinkles if you eat more vegetables and legumes and help skin cells repair themselves. Besides, you can achieve a nice anti-aging effect preventing skin from getting older earlier than normal. This is possible thanks to proteins and minerals (copper and zinc) contained in white beans.

All the antioxidants found in beans work well for human skin, heart, immunity etc.

4. Stronger heart

Foods with a high glycemic index not only store fat in your body but also influence all its systems. It happens because such foods quickly raise sugar level in your blood and then cause a fast drop in these levels. This can lead to extra tiredness and desire to eat more sugar and sweets. Thanks to its lower GI, white beans do not ‘play’ with your blood sugar levels and prevent the development of heart diseases.

Health benefits of white beans for you

Also, white beans contain vitamin B9 that is also great for the healthy heart.

5. Natural stress fighter

Different kinds of legumes are rich in minerals. Thus, white beans have a lot of magnesium, and this is incredible for your health. This mineral is extremely important for healthy nerves and muscles. It’s a great way to fight with everyday stresses.

6. Better digestion

Beans have a lot of dietary fiber. Only one cup of these legumes can provide you with up to 50 percent of the daily fiber dosage needed for the healthier body. Getting into the digestive system, white beans make it healthier by improving the digestive processes and removing bad acids (this way bad cholesterol doesn’t get into your liver). You become healthier and happier and avoid unpleasant bowel problems.

All these health benefits of white beans make these legumes a very useful element of everyday menu. Even if you don’t like beans and don’t want to eat them every day, you can add them to your meals once in a while and support your health. Experts recommend eating white beans at least two times per week.

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