Easy way to check N-Power list

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N-Power Nigeria program was designed by the government to support youth in professional skill development. The program is beneficial for creating new job opportunities. Every year youth apply to N-Power programs to find themselves in a short list of candidates. Find out how to apply or check your application status.

How to check npower list

N-Power Nigeria

Thanks to the knowledge gained, new opportunities will emerge for the development of various economic and social projects and the implementation of the state program for the development of the region. The leading program developed by the government to implement such strategies is the N-Power development program.

How to check npower list

The N-Power development program is developed by the political course of the federal government in such areas as:

  • Economy
  • Employment of the population
  • Social projects

The primary challenge facing the N-Power program is to address the problem of youth unemployment. In this case, it is the creation of professional skills for the implementation of major economic projects, as well as the increase of labor qualification, that will help to stimulate the country’s economy.

How to check npower list

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N-Power training programs also include young professionals who are focused on obtaining software development skills. Such skills will help young Nigerians to achieve international qualifications and make them the driving force behind the development of the country’s domestic economy. The growing potential of new specialties will be able to provide young professionals with new skills and the basics of business communications.

N-Power registration

How to check npower list9

The process of registration for N-power programs is online on the official N-Power web. Reference for filing an application and more detailed conditions are here:


N-Power offers the following training courses:

How to check npower list8

Here are some of the requirements for applicants:

  • Age from 18 to 35 years.
  • Willingness to describe why you should be trained in the chosen program
  • Tests to confirm your skills and qualifications
  • Higher National Diploma (HND) or Bachelor’s Degree

N-Power list 2017/18

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To check the status of the candidate for the entry you need:

  • Go to www.N-Power.gov.ng
  • Find the “Check Your Pre-Selection Status” tab

Enter your details:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • E-mail address
  • BVN

In case you were selected as a candidate, your name will appear, and you will also be sent SMS to your phone and a letter to e-mail.

Various N-Power programs help to mobilize youth and create the necessary conditions for training and further implementation of the acquired skills. Some graduates will also be involved in the implementation of government programs on food security strategies.

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