3 amazing tests to find out if the honey is original or fake

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All honey lovers should learn how to know original honey. It does not matter much if you live in Nigeria or another country in Africa (or even another part of the world). Anyone who loves eating honey, adding it to breakfast meals or tea has to know how to test for real honey at home.

How to know original honey in Nigeria

We want to list the most trusted tests you can perform at home to make sure that the honey you are about to eat is original and not fake. It is possible to make these tests at any time of the day. Everything you’ll need is honey and your desire to check it.

Original honey colour

Due to the fact that honey is so useful, rich in vitamins and widely used to treat illnesses, millions of people love keeping a bottle or several bottles of honey at home. This high demand for this amazing natural product attracts fraudsters who sell fake honey to customers. You should know original honey colour to distinguish between real and fake products.

There are different colours honey can take. It depends what bees were eating to make this incredible product. Since there are many different flowers and plants, there are also many different colours and tastes of honey. Some honey is nearly transparent and other honey is very dark.

Of course, honey should come only from bees who gather nectar from clover, lavender, dandelion, and other flowers, as this is the only real (pure) honey you can eat. Honey that comes from a factory is not an original product.

How to know pure honey in Nigeria

Home test for pure honey

Even if you believe you see the original honey colour, you are still highly advised to test for real honey. Use one of the methods described below, and you will know the truth.

Method 1: Use your thumb

  1. Take a bottle of honey. Use a spoon to get a small amount of it and place on your thumb.
  2. Be attentive now. What does honey do? Does it spill? Does it spread?
  3. If you see that the honey doesn’t want to be intact on a thumb, it is not pure honey. Spilling and spreading substances are not original honey in Nigeria and outside the country.

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How to know original honey in Nigeria: test with water

Method 2: Use water

  1. You need a glass, a spoon, and a bottle of honey. Add regular water into the glass.
  2. Take a spoon of honey and put it in the glass of water.
  3. How does honey act? Does it quickly dissolve? Does it spread around the glass? This means this is not the original product. Remember that real honey would simply get to the bottom (like gel or paste) of the glass and stay right there.
How to know original honey in Nigeria: test

Method 3: Use fire

  1. Find a matchstick. Make sure it works (in other words, it is completely dry and ready to use).
  2. Put the matchstick tip into the bottle of honey.
  3. Pretend that the honey is your matchbox. Try to light up the matchstick using honey.
  4. Step 4. What happens to the stick? Do you not see the flame? It means that honey you have is fake and has moisture inside. Do you see the flame? Does it mean the honey is real? Absolutely! Pure honey is easily flammable.
Real honey in Nigeria

Other methods

You can also pay attention to some other details. When you buy a bottle of honey and open it, listen to the sound. If you hear a ‘pop’ it means the product contains ferments and created at the factory, meaning it is not pure honey no matter what its vendor states.

In addition, original honey can be stored on the shelf. It does not need a refrigerator (which is a big deal in Nigeria) to stay fresh and good.

These are the main methods you can test to make sure your honey is real and not fake. Remember these tests and one day they will be useful helping you to avoid adulterated products (they include too much sugar, which is not good for a healthy and slim body).

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