It brings us closer together spiritually – Man donates kidney to his wife to celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary

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– An American man is currently leading as the best husband of the year after his latest deed

– To celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary, he reportedly donated a kidney to his wife for a life saving transplant

– The news has since gone viral on the internet due to the grand gesture of love.

Ceasar and Monica have become a viral sesnation for their strong love and support for each other. Withing their 23 years of marriage, Monica gave her husband 3 beautiful children and on their 23rd anniversary, he in turn gave her a life saving gift.

39-year-old mother of three had been suffering from polycystic kidney disease which she inherited from her mother and received her diagnosis a decade ago. After almost 3 years of suffering from the disease, hope shone on her after her husband was tested to be a perfect match for a donor.

Speaking on the sheer luck of partners being perfect donor match, Dr. Juan Arenas, a surgeon and chief of the hospital’s Memorial Transplant Institute had this to say, “To find a match between spouses is very unusual but very lucky for us to be able to find that.”

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To celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary, husband donates kidney to wife

Ceasar and Monica
Source: SunSentinel

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The couple who were both excitement and filled with renewed hope after the surgery spoke to a press conference about the experience.

Monica had this to say: “Little did we know 23 years ago that this was going to be the angel to save my life,” Monica said. “I felt like I just won the lottery. I started dreaming of what my future would look like, not having to do dialysis. The fact that I can actually travel now and not worry about carrying boxes with me or supplies or worry if it’s gonna get lost. I felt so free.”

Ceasar who is a 52-year-old computer network technician revealed his fear when he discovered he was a perfect match for his wife: “For me to do this, it was big. I was shocked. [I thought] it’s not real, this is not happening.”

However, he shares in the joy that his life with his wife has taken a turn for good: “That’s reborn faith, you might call it. It brings me joy and happiness. And it brings us closer together. Not just physically, obviously, but also spiritually.”

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