UNIJOS cut-off marks for medicine and surgery

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They say UNIJOS cut off mark for 2018 is already out and all those candidates who want to study there can check the data to see whether they will be accepted. If you are interested, keep on reading to find out more about the admission to the University of Jos.

UNIJOS cut off mark for medicine and surgery

What’s UNIJOS cut off mark for medicine?

First of all, it’s necessary to determine what the cut-off mark is. This is the lowest point that allows a student to be admitted to the university and the course he or she has chosen. Different universities have their own cut off marks in general and also different cut-off marks for specific courses.

UNIJOS cut off mark for medicine and surgery

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It means the following: even if you don’t manage to score the necessary number of points to gain admission for a specific course in a certain university, the amount you have can be totally enough to enter another one. However, it’s always better to know the necessary figures in advance, before you get down to the JAMB examination.

The cut-off marks are calculated out of the result documented in a student’s Senior school certificate and the result of JAMB examination. The total number, actually, shows whether the student can enter a specific chosen course and also which courses in which universities he or she can enter.

UNIJOS cut off mark for medicine and surgery

For instance, if a student has not enough to study medicine in UNIJOS, it makes sense to check whether he or she has enough to enter a medicine course at another university. At the same time, knowing the admission cut-off mark, a student may know exactly how much he or she should get at the JAMB exam to receive the necessary amount with the Secondary school certificate.

UNIJOS medicine and surgery cut off mark

UNIJOS cut off mark for medicine and surgery

In accordance with the most recent data, UNIJOS has the following cut-off marks for their courses:

  • 180 points are enough to enter practically all courses in UNIJOS, except the most popular, which will be listed below
  • 190 points are required to study computer science and all other existing engineering courses, biochemistry, geology, and microbiology
  • 200 points are necessary to be admitted to such popular courses as common law, mass communication, physiology and anatomy
  • 220 to 240 points are demanded from those students who want to study medicine/surgery and nursing (it’s necessary to notice separately that the O’Level results should be obtained in one sitting only)
UNIJOS cut off mark for medicine and surgery

If you are interested in the exact JAMB cut off mark or medicine in UNIJOS, it’s said that 150 points are usually enough to be listed for the admission as the 2nd line. However, those who manage to get 180 to 190 points as a result of JAMB have better chances of being taken to the course they are aspiring for.

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