The official list of courses available at FUGUS

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Many students have already started searching for the official list of courses offered in FUGUS (Federal University Gusau). It’s time to make up one’s mind and choose where to study, so it’s necessary to have a list of the available options at hand.

Federal University Gusau courses offered

The list of accredited courses offered in FUGUS

Here’s the official list of courses offered at the Federal University Gusau. You can be sure that this is a correct list and use the information without doubts.

Federal University Gusau courses offered

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The faculty of education and humanities offers the following courses:

  • Islamic and Arabic studies
  • English (language)
  • Education
  • Language and cultural studies
  • Science education
  • History and diplomacy

The faculty of social studies and management has the following available options:

  • Business management
  • Public administration
  • Economics
  • Accounting and finance
  • Political sciences
  • Sociology
Federal University Gusau courses offered

At the faculty of sciences, you can study the following subjects:

  • Biological sciences
  • Geological sciences
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry

Finally, the faculty of education offers the following courses:

  • Education and Arabic
  • Education and political sciences
  • Education and biology
  • Education and physics
  • Education and chemistry
  • Education and mathematics
  • Education and economics
  • Education and Islamic studies
  • Education and English

How to be admitted to Federal University Gusau courses?

Federal University Gusau courses offered

Well, you are an aspiring student and you are already thinking of entering the University Gusau to study a certain course. You now need to know that there’s a procedure all candidates need to pass to be admitted. If you have already looked through the Federal University Gusau course list and chosen the one that’s most interesting to you, now find out about the admission point.

So, here are the criteria all the aspiring students need to meet to be admitted to FUGUS:

  • You need to be elder than 16 on the year you are trying to enter the university. Some students do incredible things to make the commission think they are elder than they are in reality to be admitted to the course
Federal University Gusau courses offered
  • FUGUS has certain set cut-off marks for all the aspiring students and if you are willing to enter the university, you need to either meet the mark or even surpass it. The cut-off marks are usually made up out of the Secondary education certificate results plus the JAMB exam result
  • In order to enter the university, you need to have at least five credit passes in subjects that are relevant to the essence of the chosen course. These passes must include English and Mathematics at the O’Level, NECO, WASCE, of equivalents. It’s necessary to receive them in 2 sittings maximum

If you meet the named requirements, you are considered eligible for the admission and have big chances of entering the university in order to study your beloved subject.

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