5 easy ways to remove unwanted page in Microsoft Word document

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Millions of people from all over the planet cannot imagine their life without a computer and different programs, such as Microsoft Word. It is so easy to type anything you want, remove parts of the text, highlight problematic space etc. Sometimes you need to understand how to delete a page in Microsoft Word document if you have an extra one with blank spaces or no information on it. How can you do this?

How to delete a page in Microsoft Word document

Blank pages in Microsoft Word

The popular Word software is a big part of all Windows computers. Different mobile platforms also support this program because so many people love typing their documents in it.

It is useful to know how to delete a page in Microsoft Word document. Removing the blank pages in a quick way will save you some nerves. Sometimes the problem looks this way: you create a new page and work in it until noticing that you have a page with nothing on it right at the end of your document. However, you cannot remove it!

It is true, that you can print out pages by their numbers and this way avoid printing the blank one, however, once you learn how to delete a page in Word, you won’t have to look up those numbers and be attentive while printing everything.

How to delete a blank page in Microsoft Word document

How to remove unwanted page in Word

Method 1: Delete and backspace keys

This is the easiest and often fastest way how to delete an unwanted page in Word. You need to get to this page (the one that looks empty) and click at its bottom. You can actually click anywhere on it to start. Now keep clicking on your ‘Backspace’ keyboard’s key to remove the page. If you have gotten to the previous words and a dot, you can also try to press on ‘Delete’ button until the empty page disappears.

Method 2: Empty page icon

There is a different method what you can try when you need to get rid of emptiness in your documents. Inside the Word file, click on ‘View’ menu and choose ‘Navigation Pane’ (this ‘pane’ can be found in your ‘Show’ menu). Now you should choose the image of an empty page from the left part of the screen and click on keyboard’s ‘Delete’ option to delete that blank Word page.

Method 3: Extra symbols

Here is something else you should do to remove a page in Word. Select Page layout menu at the top of the file. You need to choose the option called Margins. Once you have pressed on it, choose the option that says Custom Margins. Now, you’ll be working with Layout lists where you need to choose ‘New page’ option.

You’ll see the page’s layout. So look for hidden symbols similar to ¶ – and remove them. The ‘extra’ page will most likely be gone if you have accidentally added some empty paragraphs to it.

What else can lead to a blank page at the end of Word documents? There could be extra spaces you can get rid of by selecting the hidden ¶ symbol and going to Paragraph – format option where you can choose ‘Indents and Spacing’ option and use ‘zero’ as space after/before the paragraph as well as ‘zero’ as your Line spacing option. This can remove all the emptiness and make you happy.

If the paragraph symbol is still there and you are not able to remove it and, as a result, you keep seeing an extra blank page in Word you hope to delete, here is what you can try. Choose the ¶ symbol and open the Font menu through Home – Font menu. Here you can look at Effects and choose ‘Hidden’ as your option. The paragraph symbol will be hidden and not visible to you. The empty page can also be gone and your Word document will look clear and complete.

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How to delete an empty page in Microsoft Word document

Method 4: Tables and page breaks

Sometimes the ‘emptiness’ is caused by the page break. You can view it without issues when you see all your hidden symbols enabled. Just choose what is bothering you on the page and remove it. The emptiness will disappear.

Sometimes, the blank page includes an empty table, which you need to remove in order to delete that Word page as well.

Alternatively, you have an automatic paragraph inserted by the program after the table located at the very end of your document. This can also be a problem. Such ‘extra emptiness’ cannot be removed manually or automatically. However, you can always minimize it and remove a completely empty page after it. All you should do is to choose the paragraph symbol and enter its font size to one point.

Method 5: Quick shortcut

It is possible to use quick shortcuts when you want to create or remove a new page in your Word document. You can try to click Ctrl + Backspace keys to get rid of an extra page. Maybe you will have to click this combination a few times before that page will be successfully removed.

It is always easy to delete the blank page in Word when you understand what causes its appearance. Figure it out by following our methods described above and you will solve the problem on your own.

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