Angry women in top African Islamic country go against government rules to play football on the street (photos)

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– Women in Somalia have disobeyed rules to play football in Mogadishu

– Under Islamic law, no women is allowed to appear in public in shorts in Somalia

– But some women are tired of the rules and they have played the round leather game

Some women in Somalia which is a country in East Africa have gone against the strict rules governing their nation to play football on the street.

Somalia is known to be an Islamic predominant nation, and under the rules of Al-Shabaab, no women is allowed in this country to appear in public dressed in shorts.

The fear of Al-Qaida linked Islamist group who launches regular attacks in Mogadishu which is the capital of Somalia is another rationale women are not allowed to engage in any form of entertainment.

Women dishonor rules to play football in Somalia

Women dishonor rules to play football in Somalia

This Islamic group sees any form of entertainment most especially football as evil and taboo and considers it against the law governing Islam.

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But these women are now tired of being prevented from exhibiting their talents in football, and they have however shrugged off their hijabs to play the round leather game.

The women were seen jogging up and down, dribble a worn-out ball between colorful cones and do sit-ups which is less than 200 meters from a heavily guarded security checkpoint in Mogadishu.

Women dishonor rules to play football in Somalia

Women dishonor rules to play football in Somalia

“It is obvious that we are scared despite the fact that we put on heavy clothes over our shorts and T-shirts until we get to the pitch. It is very difficult to walk normally with sports clothes. We never wear sports clothing in society,” Hibaq Abdukadir, 20, one of the footballers admitted according to the report.

Hibab Abdulkadir is said to be among the 60 girls who have signed up to train at the Golden Girls Centre in Mogadishu which is Somalia’s first female soccer club.

Meanwhile, some young Somalian men were said to have kicked against this development of their women playing football in the public, while some would love to watch closely.

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