ANGOLA: Angola’s feared death squads accused of murdering youths


Angola’s feared death squads accused of murdering youths

death squads accused of murdering youthsANGOLA’S so-called death squads in the Criminal Investigation Service have reportedly killed at least 50 young men suspected of gang activities or petty crimes. “Death squads accused of murdering youths”

The latest violation has been captured on video in the capital Luanda, showing a man said to be an agent of the Angola Criminal Investigation Service (SIC) pointing an assault rifle at a man lying on the road unable to get up.

Minutes later, another agent with a handgun arrives at the scene and fires several shots at the man lying helplessly on the ground.

Dewa Mavhinga, Southern Africa director at Human Rights Watch (HRW), said Angolan authorities should promptly investigate the apparent summary execution of the criminal suspect and probe dozens more incidents.

“The apparent cold-blooded execution of a suspect requires Angolan authorities to promptly and impartially investigate members of the criminal investigation unit and appropriately prosecute any wrongdoing,” Mavhinga said.

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Angola’s Ministry of Interior stated the alleged abuse filmed in Luanda was part of a chase operation of an alleged criminal gang that had hijacked a car.

The ministry condemned the actions of the agents as “ignoble” and pledged to take disciplinary action against them.

In November, the Criminal Investigation Service denied the existence of death squads but promised to investigate the reported abuses.

HRW lamented that results of the investigation had not been made public.
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