Best guide on how to upgrade Android to Lollipop on Infinix Hot Note without PC


How to upgrade Infinix Hot Note to Lollipop without PC

Do you own the Infinix Hot Note smartphone? This device arrives with some awesome features and Android platform. At first, we are absolutely happy with the factory firmware version. Later comes the desire to get more from your smartphone and you start to think on how to upgrade Infinix Hot Note to Lollipop without a computer. Can any interested Nigerian achieve this goal without problems or not? Let us see what you can do without a computer.

How to upgrade Infinix Hot Note to Lollipop without PC

Many Nigerians enjoy using the Infinix Hot Note because this smartphone boasts great goodies, cute design, nice and popular operating system.

It will be awesome if you can continue enjoying all the cool benefits of the phone you already own and at the same time understand how to upgrade Android version to a better, improved, and desired release.

This can be a complicated task (unlike making screenshots on your Infinix Hot 2) if you do not have a computer nearby. Still, you are able to manage the situation.

Infinix Hot Note

Infinix Hot Note upgrade

Most owners of Infinix Hot Note get the gadget with Android KitKat version. Would you like to find out how to upgrade Infinix Hot Note to Lollipop?

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Since your smartphone boasts 1.4 GHz chip, 1 GB of RAM, 5.5-inch screen and 16GB of built-in storage, you can install Lollipop and get an updated device.

Our solution will save you some money because the average price on the gadget without updated Android version is around 25,000 Naira. At the same time, the similar Infinix Hot Note running Lollipop firmware costs approximately 30,000 Naira.

How to upgrade Infinix Hot Note Android KitKat to Lollipop without pc

So, here is our situation. We are looking into Infinix Hot Note upgrade without PC. We need to install Lollipop but are currently using KitKat mobile firmware version.

Keep reading, and you’ll understand how to upgrade Infinix Hot Note to Lollipop without PC.

How to upgrade Infinix Hot Note to Lollipop

Method 1

Since you don’t have a computer right now, you need something where you can download the Lollipop file to.

First of all, we advise you to find a micro SD memory card for your phone. Otherwise, you can easily run out of space when getting the new mobile operating system you prefer to install instead of factory Android KitKat version you already have.

Insert Micro SD memory card into Infinix Hot Note to update to Lollipop without pc
  • Step 1. Insert your additional SD memory card into your Infinix Hot Note device.
  • Step 2. Make sure you have good mobile Internet connection and speed because you have to find Lollipop Stock ROM file and have it saved on the SD card (into root directory).
Infinix Hot Note Android upgrade to Lollipop without pc
  • Step 3. Click and hold these two buttons simultaneously: Power and Vol+ in order to enter your recovery option.
  • Step 4. Once you have successfully entered Recovery menu, you will see the ‘Apply’ option that you can use. You’ll have to use the upgrade directly from the SD memory card where you have installed Lollipop earlier.
How to get into Recovery Mode on Infinix Hot Note
  • Step 5. Choose the firmware ROM file and agree to install it.
  • Step 6. Stay patient while the operating system is automatically installed. Wait for complete Infinix Hot Note upgrade. Your gadget will ask to reboot, so press on this option and wait for a while.
  • Step 7. That’s it. This is how to upgrade Infinix Hot Note to Lollipop without PC.
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P.S. Please note that since you have installed Lollipop ROM version, you won’t be able to use over-the-air updates on your mobile device.

Update Infinix Hot Note to Lollipop without pc

Method 2

There is also another method shared by Android users from Nigeria.

  1. Visit the Play Store and find Mega app, and you have to install it on your handset before you can proceed.
  2. Users who don’t want to end up with a ‘brick’ instead of a working mobile device need to look for Infinix stock recovery program.
  3. Once you finish with the two steps, you are ready to find and download Lollipop software. It is better to look for Final Tcard release specifically for your mobile device.
  4. Simply update your device, and you will run a newer mobile firmware version on your Infinix Hot Note without a PC.
How to upgrade Infinix Hot Note to Lollipop

Main reasons to upgrade to Lollipop version

There are many reasons why Nigerians and other users who have Android gadgets choose to update to Lollipop firmware version:

  • You can enjoy better app functions.
  • You will love the improved video player.
  • Many minor problems and issues are resolved.
  • The update improves and optimizes your mobile system performance.
  • You get some new features.
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Since you already know how to upgrade Android version from KitKat to Lollipop without PC, you can try it directly on your mobile gadget and enjoy all the updated features and new functions without having to purchase another device.




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