Relationship Talk: My girlfriend wants to leave because I can’t provide food allowance


Angry girlfriend.

Since I told her I couldn’t provide for her needs like that, her attitude towards me has changed for the worse.

Dear Bukky,

I have been going out with this girl for year now but lately she said I should be giving her feeding money.

I told her to be patient with me that things with me are quite difficult now.

She actually stays with her uncle and he is wealthy enough but since the time I told her I couldn’t provide for her needs like that, she has changed.

She even tried to break up with me but I begged her not to because I really love her so much.

Her behavior towards me has remained different and unloving since then.

What do I do now?

Dear reader,

I think you need to let her go. As a matter of fact, I’d break up with her if I were you.

Being in a relationship with her should not shift her responsibilities on you. Requesting for feeding money? No that’s absurd.

You are not her father. Feeling angry and changing her attitude towards you because of this shows the type of woman she is – a burden. An unnecessary one at that.

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Do not be blinded to people’s major flaws because you ‘love them.’ At some point, that initial feeling of being in love will fade.

The buzz of love on the brain will no longer be enough to mask the flaws in her character and it might be too difficult, maybe too late to get out of it then.

I say leave her now. Don’t beg her to stay. You’re dodging a bullet there and you should be thankful not regretful.

You're a boyfriend not her father, not her husband.

That woman needs to have her priorities reorganized. Let her go.
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