New Year: 10 relationship tips that’ll secure your happiness all year long


He's happily in love and crazy about you.

How to stay happily in love in year 2018.

It's the and everything's starting on a new slate – new opportunities to love your partner better and to reach greater levels of affection and commitment to the one you call yours.

According to relationships vlogger, Uwanma Odefa, here are some 10 relationship nuggets that’ll secure your happiness all year long:

1. When it comes to falling in love, you could either use your heart or your head. It’s better to use more of your head.

Emotions are great but without logic, you’ll run into too much trouble.

2. Anyone who cheats on you without remorse does not deserve you.

If someone cheats on you, it is them you have a business with, not the person they’re cheating with.

3. No matter how deep you’ve gone or how difficult it is to do so, once a relationship compromises your safety, peace of mind, ambition and your core values, you need to walk away. That relationship is no longer good for you.

4. Domestic violence has no excuse. If he or she hits you once, twice… you have to accept the first time wasn’t a mistake and they’ll likely never stop doing it.

Let go when you still can.

5. Soul mates are ideas sold to us. The idea that only one person can love you or that only one person is perfect for you in the whole world isn’t true.

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6. Falling in love is easy. Staying in love isn’t. It’s a decision you have to remind yourself of every time.

You won’t always feel in love but even through those off days you have to stay in love.

7. If you are single, you need to go out and put yourself out there. It’s not being desperate, you just get to increase your chances of getting a partner.

8. No need to compare your partner with another person. You’ll always find faults and inadequacies in your partner that way.

9. Communication remains the master key to success in relationships. Communicate through whatever it is. The first person to talk to when there’s a problem in your relationship is your partner.

10. Sex is a two-way thing. If there's anything about it you do not enjoy, talk to your partner about it. And when a partner complains, be the partner who adjusts to making the experience better for them.

What is worth doing, is worth doing well.

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