Relationship Advice: Is it a good idea to go back to your ex?



When is going back to your ex a good idea and when is it a no-no

Relationships can be difficult and couples break up for different reasons. Sometimes, it's hard for us to move on and we may find ourselves being pulled back to someone we used to date but is it a good idea to go back to your ex?

As human beings, we are drawn to what is familiar and what we know because we are comfortable. Provided a relationship did not end on terrible terms, it is possible to maintain a cordial relationship with ones ex but it's easy to get confused. Just because you are getting along doesn't necessary mean a reconciliation is on the cards and before you go jumping back in, make sure you read this very carefully

They have changed

Remember when you were in a relationship with your ex and they used to do all these little things that annoyed you? It really got on your nerves but time has passed and you realise they have changed. Call it realising the error of their ways or just growing up, we notice that what we could not tolerate about them is no longer there.

What do we do?

It's true that people c an change but only when they are ready to. We all grow and mature at different paces and it's impossible to tell when that will occur.

We could come back to an ex and find them to be a completely different person and if they have truly changed and are willing to admit where they went wrong the first time then why not give them a second chance!

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You are still in love with them

Even if we break up with an ex, sometimes those feelings still remain and its easier to consider reconciling when those feelings are still there. In these instances, it's important to think with our head rather than our heart. Think about the reasons you and your ex broke up in the first place.

Do those reasons still stand?

It is common for lingering feelings to cloud our judgement and sometimes we end up returning to somebody who is not particularly good for us. Try to push aside any feelings and think logically about the why the relationship did not work and why it may not work again.

Instead of thinking about ways to get back with your ex, it may be wiser to think of ways to achieve closure from the relationship as whole and finally moving on for good.

The sex was great

Believe it or not, sex can greatly cloud our judgement and good sex can make a bad relationship seem OK. Sex can often be confused with intimacy and even though a relationship is over, a healthy sex life can mask the cracks in a relationship.

Sex one of the major factors that keep us going back to a toxic ex so try to give yourself some physical distance to truly understand if it's the person you want back or what they can give you.

When thinking about getting back with an ex, a little introspection is necessary. You need to really think about what you want out of a relationship and a partner and whether or not they can truly offer that to you. If not, don't be afraid to keep it moving because the right person for you is out there. Don't let the fear of being alone keep you from making a mistake, again.

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