Husband Material: 20 babes tell us qualities of the perfect guy to marry


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What Nigerian girls are looking for in a man before they allow him put a ring on it.

So, guys, you are thinking of settling down in this new year 2018, right?

Whether you fall in the category above or you're thinking of a different time, you need to pay attention to all the gorgeous Nigerian ladies who are out here listing their heart desires in a man and what their idea of a husband material looks and feels like.

Just as 20 Nigerian guys listed what they want in a babe before considering her for marriage, babes have also listed what must not be missing in a guy if he ever hopes to put a ring on it…

1. I love me a man that is truly caring – Adebimpe.

2. I know this sounds a little vain and shallow but I really could never be with a guy that's not attractive – Moji.

3. I'm good if he can prove and I can see that he's a responsible soul – Temitope.

4. I just want him to be truthful at all times. I hate liars with everything in my life – Eka.

5. If he's devout and hardworking, I can go all the way with him – Tracy.

For me, it's love and money o – Yetunde.

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7. Let him just be educated and love me genuinely – Yinasim.

8. All I need is love. I just need him to love love love me genuinely.

I think if he truly does, nothing can happen that we won’t find a way around – Winnie.

9. I like cute guys. It's disappointing to find many cute but senseless and unworthy guys out there.

Of course I wouldn't marry a guy that's fine for nothing. But I wouldn't marry an ugly guy because he's sensible either.

My husband has to be cute. for my kid's sake – Uju.

He should just be God-fearing, abeg – Precious.

11. Loyalty is a big big one for me. Loyalty and love – Zaheera.

12. Is he loyal? Is he respectful? Please show me where he is. That's my husband! – Jojo.

13. Loyalty and love – Nina Nnenna.

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14. I want love, romance and all that stuff but I hope the sex will be great too. I can't come and die of medicore sex o – Feranmi.

Godliness and contentment – Bukola.

16. Love loyalty and friendship – Yaene.

17. I’ll say hardwork because that’s now the synonym for money. A hardworking man who knows what he’s doing can’t be broke – Sarah.

18. I want a man that is empathetic and whose effort will match mine – Sunshine.

19. I like guys who always have money making ideas – Yinka.

20. He has to be Muslim. That's the first and biggest rule I consider before even thinking of getting serious with anyone – Ameerah.

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