Opinion Poll: Do you really need to block an ex on social media after a breakup?


They say if you block him, you'll move in quickly than if you don't.

How necessary is it to block an ex off your social media space? Is it over-dramatic to do so?

Remaining connected to an ex partner's social media platforms has been likened to a situation where you leave a window open in your house so as to peek in on festivities happening in a neighbouring mansion you're no longer welcomed in.

In a bid to find happiness and move past the hurt and confusion of being dumped, minimizing contact with your ex is always advised.

Popular opinion makes you believe that the farther you move from the person that hurt you, the easier [relatively] it will be to put the whole breakup wahala behind you.

But how true is this? Do you truly move on faster from a breakup when you block your ex than when you don't?

Isn't it possible that staying away and blocking that ex from your life will only make you miss them more and worsen the ache to have them back?

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Afterall, absence is said to make the heart grow fonder. And realistically, not everyone actually ends up hating their exes.

Many ex partners end up being good friends who eventually do a lot of great stuff together despite the end of their romantic relationship.

Again, different strokes for different folks. People always end up handling their problems in the manner they deem most convenient.

So we are curious about breakups and the need to block exes off social media spaces.

What's your personal opinion on this? Is a block necessary or is it being over-dramatic to do so?

Let's know in the poll below.

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