Relationship Talk: My crush finally agrees to a date with me; should I ask her out immediately?


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I've tried to take out for a date but she refused. Now that she's said yes; can I let her know my feelings on the first date?

Dear Bukky

There's this lady in my church that I've tried to take out for a date but she refused.

Since then, I never talked about it. I just stopped giving her face after she turned down the date.

After some months, it became obvious that she wanted me to restart giving her attention. She’d wave hi in the midst of congregation and do other similar stuff.

With these signs, I quickly grabbed the opportunity and asked if I could take her out and she said yes.

Now my question is; can I let her know my feelings for her right away on the first date?

I’m asking because she's the type I wish and want in my life.

Dear reader,

Ideally there are no rules to this thing. I am of the opinion that people should do what they want whenever they want. Whatever makes you happy is what you should do.

As a rule, the success of a relationship is not dependent on whether you waited for long or jumped right in.

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In this your case, however, I think you should wait a while. Watching her from afar is not the same as observing her at close quarters.

Go on few dates. Engage her in conversations. Pick her mind. Few dates should help you know if she’s truly the type you wish and want in your life.
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