Caristo Clear Laid to Rest


Upcoming media personality Caristo Chitamfya Jr was given a befitting send-off by artistes and family members who turned up in droves at the Northmead Assemblies of God.

Chitamfya who was better known from his disc jockeying days at popular QfM Radio Station where his drive time show drew a huge following was also the son of veteran media personality Caristo whose footprints at ZNBC remain a reference point in tourism journalism.

Better known as Caristo Clear the 24-year old died in a road traffic accident last week sending the entertainment industry into shock.

His father, Chitamfya cool-headedly cleared rumours that his son may have been involved in darker arts for glory and money.

In a society obsessed with tying any little success to Satanism, Caristo Jr has been a victim of innuendos even in his death.

“Do I choose to be bitter towards those who have chosen to malign my son? Or do I choose light? I choose light because light will always defeat darkness. Those of you who came to the house of morning in Woodlands at my in-laws house, did the house look like a house of richness?” he said.

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“A Benz is just a car and a means of transport. We need to reflect about the idea of richness as Zambians.”

Among the notable artistes were Macky II, Brian Bwembya (B Flow) and other leading media personalities.



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