Ibadan court dissolves 9-yr-old marriage over allegations of adultery, greed

Ibadan court dissolves 9-yr-old marriage

Ibadan court dissolves 9-yr-old marriage

CHIEF Ademola Odunade, the President of a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, on Friday dissolved the nine-year-old marriage between one Abiodun Oduyelu and wife, Oyindolapo. “Ibadan court dissolves 9-yr-old marriage”.

In his petition, Abiodun, who resides at Samonda Estate in Ibadan,  told the court that the respondent was adulterous and greedy.

“My lord, if I had given it a second thought before entering into marital vows with Oyindolapo nine years ago, maybe I wouldn’t have found myself in the mess I am today.

“Anytime I am away on a business trip abroad, I make the necessary provisions for Oyindolapo’s comfort.

“However, all along, Oyindolapo had been fornicating.

“When I reported this to her mother, she did nothing.

“The recent atrocity which got me frustrated was when I saw Oyindolapo in a picture completely naked with one of her concubines.

“Then, I came across another text message on her mobile phone where somebody was reminding her never to forget their romantic appointment at a designated place.

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“In addition, my relatives,  who monitor her movements,  informed me that she usually brings men to our matrimonial home.

“I have satisfied Oyindolapo in all ways by meeting her needs.

“Initially, I used to give her N30,000 per month, but I have increased it to N100,000.

“I bought two buildings with six bedrooms each and three cars for her use.

“I also gave  Oyindolapo a N4.2 million luxury car with a personal driver.

“Furthermore, I gave her mother a car to demonstrate I care.

“Oyindolapo is such an unfaithful, adulterous and a pathological liar who is not fit to be a housewife

“In fact, she has made attempts to steal my house documents and to sell the car I gave her,” Abiodun said.

But the respondent,  who opposed the divorce,  denied all the allegations levelled against her.

The 30-year-old housewife said her husband was simply fed up with the union and was trying to dump her.

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“My lord, I was just 21-years-old when Abiodun lured me out of school and impregnated me.

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SOURCE: TribuneOnlineNG


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