Mutinta M’membe Acquitted in Obstruction Case


The long drawn out legal battles for the family of former Post Newspapers editor Fred M’membe had a bit of relief when his wife Mutinta was acquitted on a charge of obstructing police officers.

Mutinta fell foul with the law on February 15, 2017 for allegedly obstructing law enforcement officers who had gone to search the M’membe residence.

She allegedly tore the search warrant issued to pieces forcing officers to arrest her.

However, the court has acquitted Mutinta on grounds that there was no proof that she had torn the search warrant.

Magistrate Faides Hamaundu said that even she may have torn the warrant it could still have not prevented the police from effecting the warrant.

M’membe who has since turned to politics has been undergoing legal challenges since the closure of The Post newspapers on account of failure to pay taxes.


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