Sudan: New fuel quotas not enough for eastern Sudanese car owners

80 eastern Sudanese car owners

New fuel quotas not enough for eastern Sudanese car owners eastern Sudanese car ownersCar owners and drivers of commercial vehicles in eastern Sudans Kassala are complaining about the newly set fuel quotas. People in West Kordofan denounce the rise of the public transport rates. “New fuel quotas not enough for eastern Sudanese car owners“.

“Commercial vehicles are entitled to eight gallons and private cars six gallons,” a driver reported to Radio Dabanga from Kassala town. The petrol and diesel are distributed by the state Department of Transport. The source expressed his fear for earning less.

“The decision to set fuel quotas will restrict the movement of commercial vehicles which in turn will reduce our income.” He added that the people in Kassala wonder why quotas have been set in the state, despite a relative easing of the fuel crisis in the rest of the country. West Kordofan People in Babanusa in West Kordofan complain about a renewed increase in the prices of regional bus tickets.

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“The Drivers Union, with the approval of the West Kordofan state parliament, has imposed new increases in ticket prices for the inter-city lines,” an angry passenger told this station. “The price of a ticket from Babanusa to El Mujlad has risen from SDG 50 (* $ 1.80) to SDG 70 ($ 2.50) for instance.

For a seat from Babanusa to El Fula we have to pay now SDG 170 instead of SDG 100.” The Drivers Union attributed the increases to the rise of the prices of spare parts. * Based on the indicative US Dollar rate quoted by the Central Bank of Sudan (CBoS).

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