OPINION: Mumbi Phiris Conjugal Calvary

Mumbi Phiris Conjugal Calvary

Mumbi Phiris Conjugal Calvary

Mumbi Phiris Conjugal CalvaryThe cat and mouse battle between Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema and Patriotic Front deputy General Secretary Mumbi Phiri is strange. Notwithstanding that the bad blood is as old as anyone can remember. The two have never liked each other and this dislike goes beyond politics. Phiri is the brainchild behind the now infamous Kachema (herdsman) tag that has stuck on Hichilema that somehow he has miraculously turned into a positive vibe. However what is even stranger are the insinuations about the Mumbi Phiri’s conjugal deficiencies.

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The debate about her getting or not getting pregnant has gone on for too long. Do our politics really need this kind of low game? Phiri herself of course is not one to hesitate in dishing out as much as she gets and has bluntly gone for UPND aligned media that has been making a meal out of the pregnancy spectacle. How about the taunt about Phiri not being ready to get on with Hichilema as she is married but could have taken up the challenge had she not been a self-respecting wife. Certainly the purveyors of this sick debate should halt it and just focus on the merits and de-merits of the imminent political battle ahead in the July 26 mayoral election. Certainly dwelling on conjugal deficiencies may not win anyone elections.

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Has she not proven her productivity to the world with her well known documented family life? Why would anyone want someone pregnant just to prove a political point? Certainly our politics can do better than this bedroom banter that we have been reduced to. Understandably the heat in the run up to the July 26 mayoral elections is getting higher and it could get worse for the leading political contenders. It will not help any political players to hide behind ghost fora to discredit political opponents. May the best candidate win!

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