Sudanese suffer from shortage of liquidity

Sudanese suffer from shortage of liquidity

Sudanese Suffer From Shortage Of Liquidity

Sudanese suffer from shortage of liquiditySudanese banks and forex exchange offices witnessed an acute shortage of liquidity on Thursday. The Minister of Finance pledged to tackle the situation before the end of Ramadan. “Sudanese suffer from shortage of liquidity“.

Economists strongly criticize the recently adopted Foreign Exchange Regulation Bill. The exchange rate of the Dollar in the black market rose to SDG 39 on Friday. The scarcity of cash in the country led to the automatic shutdown of ATMs as well on Thursday. In a statement to the parliament, Finance Minister Mohamed El Rikabi said arrangements have been made with the Central Bank of Sudan to resolve the liquidity problem as soon as possible. He pledged to solve the crisis and enable citizens to cash their money in the coming days to meet the needs of Eid El Fitr. Read the Original Article

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