Monday, August 20, 2018
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Sudan: High maternal mortality rate in eastern Sudans Kassala

The number of people in Kassala state suffering from malaria, tuberculosis, and AIDS increased in 2017. The maternal mortality rate rose as well. According to the Kassala state Ministry of Health, 126 out of 100,000 women died in childbirth in 2017. In a report published last week, the Ministry announced that the spread of malaria intensified last year. The statistics revealed 1,501 cases of tuberculosis among the more than half a million people living in the state in 2017. Among them were 14 cases who turned out to be a new type of tuberculosis resistant to treatment. The percentage of people suffering from AIDS rose to 0.6. The report attributed the spread of the diseases to the environmental degradation in the region, and the poor health care programmes. Most of Kassala’s population is engaged in agriculture. Sorghum, millet, oilseeds, cotton, groundnuts, and various vegetables are produced there. In the northern and southern parts of the state cattle and camels are raised. In March..