Who is most bitter woman in Nigeria in 2018? You’ll love this beauty!


The most bitter woman in Nigeria in 2018

We know so many different rankings that choose the most popular, most beautiful, the richest person of the year and so on. You can absolutely remember a big number of various classifications. So the title most bitter woman in Nigeria in 2018 may sound very unusual. Does it truly exist or not and who is the lady?

The most bitter woman in Nigeria in 2018

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We must say that the title of Nigeria most bitter woman can’t be called a confirmed one by some respectable rankings based on particular criteria. We will tell you about the lady who was ‘branded’ so by the famous searching engine Google, and try to figure out why this beautiful woman was named the most bitter in the country.

Firstly, we should say that every citizen of Nigeria and people from all over the world can search for ‘the most bitter woman in Nigeria today’ and see as photos and videos of the 1st runner-up of the popular Nigeria TV show BBNaija. Secondly, we should understand the term ‘bitter’ and learn more about this woman to understand the reasons why she was called ‘bitter’.

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Finally, yet importantly, we will learn the name of the most bitter woman in Nigeria in 2018. Are you excited to get into the details? Keep reading, and you will discover some curious facts.

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Who is the most bitter woman in Nigeria?

According to Google search, CeeC or Cee-C is the most bitter woman in Nigeria today. Who is she? Why does she carry this very unusual title?

We can Google this just as well to understand that ‘bitter’ as an adjective means ‘hurt’ or ‘angry’ due to unpleasant experience in the past. In other words, Nigeria most bitter woman means a woman who has been hurt and shows her anger and true feelings.

Facts about the most bitter woman in Nigeria today

You already know who CeeC is if you are a fan of BBNaija reality TV show because the ‘most bitter’ titleholder is also the former Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate.

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With so many housemates who appeared in different seasons of BBNaija TV shows, why only CeeC is called ‘the most bitter woman in Nigeria today’.

Does Cee-C deserve to be called ‘the most bitter woman’? Viewers of Big Brother Naija show remember how she participated in quarrels, loved to argue and became famous even though she didn’t win the main prize and didn’t take 25 million Naira or expensive SUV.

Millions of the TV show fans are upset because Cee-C won only accessories (earrings). Still, she got noticed by a huge audience after getting into the finals where she was the only woman competing against the male winner, and popularity can be even better prize than money. Some of the show watchers think Cee-C didn’t win because of her tough character, and such characteristic could be easily picked up by users, resulting in today’s Google search rankings as well.

Do you think that tough character and straightforwardness can be a reason to call a person ‘bitter’? Unfortunately, people who always say what is on their mind and do not keep silent when something unfair is happening rarely become favourites. Yes, Cynthia Nwadiora (real name of CeeC) can be called hot-tempered, but she is as well beautiful, bright, talented, always look gorgeous and hot, she is honest and straightforward. We strongly believe that CeeC is a many-sided person who shows her inner softness not to everybody. If you pay attention only to the negative you will see only this side, try to see the whole picture.What we know about CeeC i sthat she’s a beautiful lady, who is true to herself. So, to all her fans and foes, we suggest that you try to see in the title of Most bitter woman in Nigeria in 2018, the positive side, this makes CeeC who she is.

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